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Vichy, a great getaway destination

In the Auvergne region, the town of Vichy offers a great getaway for visitors, combining the delightful charm of its buildings with an eclectic French architecture including spring and river themed decorative features. Elegant and simple, conveying all the peace and tranquillity of the finer things in life, Vichy offers a mixture of pleasures to be discovered during your holidays in France, including casinos, races, spa or fitness centres, lyrical art and Byzantine monuments.

The Palais des Sources in Vichy
The Palais des Sources in Vichy

The town of Vichy offers a welcome dose of health and well-being! The city on the Allier River is most famous for its quality spa facilities, including the Thermes des Dômes or the Vichy Spa Les Celestins. But there's so much more to see!

See the sights!

Vichy's town centre offers a huge choice of quality hotels, countless parks and gardens, covered walkways, attractive shopping streets or guinguettes (an open-air café/restaurant with dance floor) alongside the River Allier. You can wander from an English style park to the oriental style dome of the Les Dômes spa centre. Fill up your days with shows, operas or even horse racing in the evenings, or water sports to be enjoyed during the day.


A journey back in time

To stroll aournd the town of Vichy is to take a journey back in time through the history of architecture. The town's architectural heritage is a mixture of Byzantine, Moorish, Venetian, neo-Gothic, English and art deco influences.
Take a walk past the Imperial chalets alongside the River Allier. A number of private buildings, the homes of well-known personalities, can be admired nearby.
Including neo-Louis XIII, the Flemish Renaissance or Art Nouveau, the listed villas in rue Hubert Colombier will leave you with the impression of having sampled many of architecture's finest periods.

Download a Vichy map and walking guide


The Vichy Opera
The Vichy Opera

The Vichy Town Opera

The Vichy Town Opera is a listed monument in France. Its architecture provides the perfect showcase for great musical and vocal talents. All lyrical genres can be experienced in this Italian-style performance venue with its harmonious gold and ivory decorative scheme. In this unique, floral-inspired setting you can enjoy two seasons of performances. In the winter this includes theatre, dance, the visual arts and lyrical art. In the summer, the programme includes classical music in all forms, concerts, operas and ballet.


Give your taste buds a treat

It's simply not possible to visit Vichy without sampling its culinary delights, the very sight of which will get your mouth watering. With its Michelin-rated chef Jacques Decoret, Vichy’s hotels and restaurants offer a wide choice of quality rated establishments presenting the Allier’s traditional products in countless forms. This is an inventive, generous and yet light and delicate cuisine.

Also discover a special Vichy treat, the famous minty pastilles.


The banks of the Allier
The banks of the Allier

You're free to shop at leisure, even on Sunday

Tastefully renovated, extensively pedestrianised and decorated with flowers, Vichy’s town centre is ideal for strolling and shopping seven days a week including on public holidays. Along its tree-lined streets, under the Art Deco stained glass and wrought iron galleries, you can discover old-style shops, top of the range brands, major store chains, antique dealers, craftsmen and art galleries before taking a welcome break to enjoy the sweet treats awaiting you in a Napoleon III styled teashop just as you’re getting peckish.
In Vichy, at every step of the way you’ll appreciate the high quality of the environment combining architecture with nature, history with modernity and bracing activities with relaxing breaks.

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